Mr.Smith Goes to Washington Stamping Community!

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Jim DeMint-Freedom!
salveevery1 wrote in mrsmithstamps

Good Traits: kind,loving,caring,friendly,sweet,idealistic>although some people would call that bad,
Bad Traits:immature,outspoken,too politie,stubborn,to sensitive
Likes: public speaking,my friends,debating,my best friend! :),
Dislikes: hypocrasy,dishonety,injustice,when people don't let others express their opinion
Idealist or Realist: idealist
Do you speak up more or go with the crowd: speak up
how people describe you: a great friend,friendly,good at public speaking
goals in life: I want to go into politics and change America for the better :)
What are you scared of?: heights
Brave or Timid: brave
what would you do if someone thretened to expel you? I'd be heart broken </3 I didn't do anything wrong honestly!!! I have no idea!!
What would you do if a man came up to you and promised 20 years in the Senate IF you voted for something you don't agree with:I may just say I'll think about it, (and go against everything he says) and expose his plains I mean no should should force a senator to do whatever they want, thats just wrong
outspoken or  shy: outspoken
sadest moment of your life: when my best friend moved away or when this mean girl lied about me (and made me look like a jerk or like I didn't know what I was talking about :P)
happiest moment of your life: when I went to see 1776!! :)


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